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Sending sound from your Mac to your Apple TV

Select Apple TV as the output device for sound using AirPlay

If you own a Mac (iMac, MacBook etcetc) with Mountain Lion and a TV you should get an Apple TV. Period! Love Netflix and AirPlay mirroring and lately I use it more and more for just sound/music. By holding down the option key (alt) while clicking on the volume icon in the menubar you can select Apple ...

Apple TV remote controls my iMac

Turn off IR or pair a remote.

Found out my Apple Remote that came with my Apple TV also controls my iMac. At least the volume. There is an easy fix for this. Just turn of IR on your iMac. Security&Privacy->General->Advanced. If you have two remotes (one for each device) just pair them with the device that they should control. In OS ...

Application window stuck “off” screen

My iMac used to have a second monitor attached and after I removed it some of my applications (Wimp at least, which is an Air application) got "stuck" off my screen/desktop. I tried to google the problem and found several suggestions but non of them worked. So I started to "try-everything" and after a few ...

Hvordan kjøre en kommando som administrator i Windows 7?

Klikk på Windows-ikonet eller på Windows-tasten Skriv inn cmd i "kjør"-boksen (se bildet) Trykk Ctrl+Shift+Enter Nå skal det dukke opp et vindu hvor du kan autentisere deg som administrator Kommandovinduet som nå åpnes eies av administrator. Enjoy! PS. Dette fungerer trolig i Vista også. Kilde: